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Their happier temper and you can love of life create him popular for almost all, despite his mischievousness

Their happier temper and you can love of life create him popular for almost all, despite his mischievousness

  • He is a minimal shedder.
  • Although he has no need for as frequently exercise since most other types, the newest Westie however need a couple of each and every day strolls otherwise play instruction. He essentially has actually the lowest energy level inside the house, whether or not personal animals will vary in this regard.
  • A good Westie was versatile and can do just fine in any form of away from dwelling, plus renting (even in the event when the he’s not educated off barking, he’s likely to produce difficulties with the fresh new natives).
  • He is a social canine who will get collectively well with anyone. He likes youngsters of every many years, however, he’s top appropriate belongings that have teenagers.
  • A good Westie is left for long periods of time when his people are operating. Switching on a radio, providing toys and kongs, and you can crating your certainly are the key strategies to play with.
  • If you’re a beneficial fastidious gardener, the fresh Westie isn’t the best possibilities, because he might be partial to looking upwards vegetation and get just a tad too contemplating working out for you yard.
  • To track down a healthy and balanced canine, never purchase your pet dog out of an irresponsible breeder, canine mill, or pet shop. See a reputable breeder exactly who testing the girl reproduction animals so you can ensure that they might be without hereditary diseases which they you are going to pass on the pets, and that they has actually sound temperaments.


South west Highland White Terrier offers a past with this off the fresh Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Scottish, and Cairn Terriers; all of them are noticed branches of the same breed. South west Highland Light Terrier came from Scotland and was used to have hunting fox, badger, and otter and for destroying vermin for example rats.

There’s not far evidence to search for the specific reputation of brand new Western Highland White Terrier, but many believe that the brand new breed are traced back once again to the brand new 17th century and a little breed of planet pets one to James We from Argyllshire provided towards queen out-of France.

Centered on reproduce lore, the fresh new Westie’s white luterskie serwisy randkowe colour resulted from a heartbreaking nineteenth-100 years accident one to taken place when you’re Colonel Malcolm out-of Poltalloch try hunting fox. Brand new colonel affect decide to try and murdered one of is own wheaten-coloured Cairns. Devastated, and you will computed to get rid of such injuries afterwards, he chose to breed just light animals that didn’t feel puzzled having foxes.

South west Highland White Terrier has been known by many people brands, for instance the Poltalloch Terrier therefore the Roseneath Terrier, however, he had been commercially acquiesced by the fresh Kennel Bar out of England because West Highland White Terrier inside the 1906.

South-west Highland White Terrier is a sturdy little dog having an intense boobs and you may a slightly rectangular shape. People go for about eleven in extreme and usually weigh fifteen in order to 22 pounds; lady is more or less 10 inches tall and weighing 13 so you’re able to 16 pounds. (Until, naturally, you’ve got a mellow cardiovascular system and you will slip sufferer to the people pleading brown vision – whereby the Westie, regarding both gender, you will weigh at least twice standard.)


South-west Highland White Terrier is a striking, confident, fun-enjoying, smart dog who’ll select glee regarding easiest pleasures off existence, including squeaky toys, a stomach wipe, and you will eating. He will not use up all your one thinking-respect, but he isn’t so overbearing in the rely on you to his worry about-guarantee gets a bad attribute.

He’s amicable and you may becomes including people, and then he features are section of their family unit members. No docile lapdog, he can getting spunky. The guy barely begins a battle, however, they are anyway good terrier, very the guy would not disappear from 1. He could be a lively absolutely nothing man just who welcomes brand new adventures in daily life which have a-sparkle in the vision and you can a skip inside the step – particularly if he’s mowing more than the feet to reach their food pan.